Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Not Too Late!

I have a CD in my car that a friend loaned to me. It's David Bach, renowned author, discussing a plan for wherever you are in life to change your life and literally finish rich. I have listened to it twice now. I believe that the first time you hear something like that you just scratch the surface. The second time it begins to penetrate and have meaning. Bach wrote "Start Late/Finish Rich". A book I plan on reading soon. He himself was a millionaire at age 30. A multimillionaire by 35. The thing that sticks the most for me in what he said is that we should pay ourselves first. If we look at our paychecks the first thing we notice is that the government has already taken it's share before we can take ours. Bach says we need to get in the habit of doing the same for ourselves. His suggestion? Take one hours worth of your wages a day and pay yourself first right into a tax deductable IRA or 401 K. He goes on to say that the growth that will produce will be very beneficial in the long run. Agreed. Tricky part? Where do you pull that money from if you live pay check to pay check as so many of us do. Ironically enough, my new marketing account is an investment banker. We found ourselves in a conversation today about how Social Security will not be there by the time us early to mid forty-somethings need it. The investment banker I met with today says there isn't enough there to take care of the baby boomers at this point. Bach's solution for extra funding? In home businesses. His statement was that if you can begin a home based business that provided just $500 a month in extra income to invest into your future that it would be well worth it. And in many cases with MLM's and home based businesses that $500 often turns into $1,000 in not a lot of time. Know where you want to be in five years. Know where you want to be in 10 years. And if you aren't there or on your way there, what you are doing is not working. It can work. If you are interested in knowing some important criteria for selecting a home based business, contact me. I'd be glad to share some unbiased information with you that might help you make a choice.

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