Monday, November 17, 2008

The Shoe Commercial

Okay so how many of you have see that commercial where the shoes start falling out of the sky and the woman jumps out of her car and starts picking them up??? That commercial stresses me to no end.

First of all...does she get matching shoes? What good are a bunch of shoes if none of them match?

Second of all...are they her size? What good are a bunch of shoes if none of them are her size? Then she just has a car full of a bunch of shoes that she can't use. Does she collect shoes for the homeless or what will become of them?

And last...when she drives away...does she just drive over the shoes? And what if one of the shoes she drives over is the perfect shoe in her size that goes with that one shoe she truly loves in the back of her car? This commercial needs to be far more specific IMHO!

Monday, November 3, 2008

President Barack Obama

I don't even know where to start. I can't get enough MSNBC Live. I can't read enough on CNN. I can't wait for tomorrow to get here. I'm like a little kid who can hardly wait for Santa to arrive. There will be no sleep. My behavior will be extra good...well....let's not take things too far. But I'm as giddy as a little kid waiting to open that shiny package.

The time between holidays was long. There has been no light and few moments to celebrate in the past 8 years. In fact, I can't think of any. Oh yes. Capturing Bin Laden. I mean, Sadam Hussein. On my 40th birthday, in fact. Yes, the Bush admininstration can have bragging rights to that one. But no more. The election four years ago severely divided this country between so called Godless Liberals and the Christian right wing. Both incorrect and devisive statements that did far more to divide a country than unify a party.

I can already feel those wounds start to heal. I haven't heard those terms thankfully in this election as I did in 2004. I think that is why Barack Obama had such a profound effect on so many of us during that speech at the DNC. He spoke of healing and reconciliation between the parties that had been so damaged in the last campaign. He spoke of hope and unity back then as he continues to do today.

I see very little change in the leader I saw that day in 2004 until now. In fact, the changes I do see are growth and maturity and a poise and composure to take the reigns and lead this country out of the dark abyss that has come to seem so normal to the American people. How wrong that we have come to expect that as normal. It's the only explanation I can find for those who still want to keep the dark as a normal way of life.

Yes, on the eve of this nation electing our first president of color, I stop to think about how far this country has come on subject of race. And how far it has to go. My own ethnic children (16 and 21) received a disturbing email from their own father yesterday full of ignorance and intolerance that made my stomach turn. Fortunatly, my children dismissed it for the bigotry that it was but it lefting me thinking about those who put some much energy to fill their hearts with hate and wrong that has no premise other than the color of one's skin, birthright or heritage. Amazing. And I continue to look for the day that we no longer have to consider whether it's the first African American, Native American, Hispanic, or fill in your own ethnic favorite first, we just know it's the best choice. And the day that we choose due to who is the best choice and the color of their skin in no longer a consideration.

Yes, tomorrow will be a wonderful day for so many reasons. It's checking off another first. Its the start of a new era. A new day and a new way of life and thinking. It's the beginning of new prosperity and possibilities the likes this country has not seen in a very long time. It's a day I can hardly wait to share with my children especially my daughter who is voting for a president for the first time in her young life. And for my son who wants to save the Obama/Biden sign we have in our front yard to show his own children one day that he remembers when he was elected and attended a rally where he spoke.

It won't happen over night. This, as all things, will take time. But progress is worth having. We may not recognize it right away because we aren't used to having it but it will feel wonderful. I can feel the change already. And it feels good. So here's to tomorrow night. To quote my dear friend who, upon mixing the happy hour drinks on Friday nights, toasts us all by stating, "Let the healing begin!"