Thursday, June 14, 2007

So Much to Do....So Little Time...

Hey all,

And to my loyal readers I am so grateful for your patience. Selling a home and moving has proved to be just as challenging as I anticipated. Plus maintaining a heavy work schedule. Not complaining about the work. Wonderful to be so busy. I updated my own website and completed one more that has published and have two more in the hopper along with my marketing clients and building my USANA business. I think my house is sold. I have two offers on the table plus showing it again today. Something is bound to pan out. Sitting on my phone all the time. My new home in the country is receiving a facelift so I am waiting to determine the big moving day! In the mean time, thank you for checking in and keep watching. The rough part is past I we all move forward and make money! Let me know if I can help!