Friday, October 9, 2009

Grande Ronde Med Spa Now Offers Medical Weight Loss Program

Grande Ronde Med Spa is pleased to bring Medical Weight Management to you!

Dr. Michael H. McQueen has researched various weight loss programs and has developed this particular hybrid that is low carbohydrate, high fiber and high protein that keeps you satisfied and able to stay on course. Emphasized in this program is the importance of excercise and getting your 10,000 steps in a day for success! Dr. McQueen stresses the importance of not making a change just for a better look, but a lifestyle change to adopt for a healthy you for life.

This 16 week program provides you with all the materials you will need to make this final attempt at weight loss successful. Follow up appointments are included to ensure you have the support that you need. Here's how it works.

On your first visit, you will join others in a seminar to thoroughly explain this program. You will receive a jounal, food book, pedometer and your personal booklet to help you stay on course. Your labs will be drawn if you haven't had blood work done within the last 90 days.

You will receive 3 follow up appointments with Dr. McQueen and 5 follow up appointments with Jacqui Kleeman, R.N.. Weekly weigh in appointments are available at no additional fee.

The cost of this program is currently at an introductory price of $399 for 16 weeks. The only items not included in this price are prescriptives you may need, food and supplements which are available at a great price at Grande Ronde Med Spa.

Aren't you ready for a new you? Call us today at 541.963.3772 or visit for more information. Grande Ronde Med Spa gladly accepts Care Credit, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Thursday, October 8, 2009