Friday, May 18, 2007

Admit It or Not...We ALL Do IT!

It's true! We all do it. We don't all talk about it. Some of might not even want to admit it. Some of us will even lie about it. Some of us are proud of it...a feeling of accomplishment. Some of us will never talk about it. Afraid we'd be judged or avoided by our friends. Some of us make lots of money at it, especially on the internet. Why I bet even a large percentage of you even did it this morning...while convincing you child that their breakfast is good for them. Or possibly while you were talking to your best friend on the phone about a great new pair of shoes you just bought. And even a handful of you did it while telling your boss why they should give you a promotion or a raise. What is it? It's sales.

We all do it all the time. And yet, it's the biggest excuse I get when talking about home based businesses with my peers. "I'm just not good at sales". How many of you hear that? More important, how many of you say it?? To be successful in this world we all need to be "selling" something all the time. We sell our products, we sell our services. We sell our time, we sell our businesses, bosses, friends to other friends, children to other children and parents, pets, pride and opinions. And yet, I hear it. "I'm just not as good at sales as you are, Christy". Well I'm calling you on it. Yes you are!

So why are we unconciously able to sell the aboved mentioned and we are so reluctant to take on a "sales" role that will make our lives easier and our pocket books thicker? I have two theories. The first is unfamiliarity of the product. You don't think you can sell it because you don't know enough about it. I agree. I can't sell something or someone if I don't believe in it. I can't tell Jim he should ask out Janice if I don't think Janice is a real catch. I couldn't sell USANA if I didn't believe with all my heart that you will be better off for using the product. Get to know the product you are considering being a part of. If you know it, you will not fear it.

The second reason in my mind is fear. How do I live my life differently than I do now. How you live it now may not be the way you dream. You may not have all the money you want. You may not feel as good as you would like to. But it is what you know. Good or bad, right or wrong, you trust it. The fear of change and the fear of success is very real to some people. That rut that they are in is comfortable. But dare to have a better life.

Dare to dream. Feel it as if you are already living it. And most important, take the steps to make it happen. Without taking that first step in a new direction nothing will change. So my challenge to you this week is to look at something new with an open mind. Stop yourself when you think "I couldn't" and say instead "What if I did?" And then educate yourself. USANA may not be for you. I can't imagine why, but it might not be. But find something that is. Take that brave first step and begin the life you always wished you had. It's work. But isn't the new life worth it? And after all...we all do it everyday. Now make it productive for you! Good luck and get going!


Shannon Q. said...

You know what? You are absolutely right! I never thought of selling things in the same way that you did. But when we are trying to convince someone to do something, in essence, yes we really are trying to sell them something! LOL! Wow, thanks for putting it to me that way. Seems like we all do not really like a salesperson, they are pushy, but yet, we are pushy (like a salesperson) when we want someone to do something, so does that make us as just as bad :D

To Your Success!
Shannon Q.

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sabrinasmoneymatters said...

Great post! I recently went on a job interview, the first one since I started looking and the following morning received an offer and accepted. This hit home with me..I'll be reading more.

Mitch Matthews said...

Great stuff!

I remember when I talked to a buddy about how he had to "sell."

He was an accountant so he had never thought about it in these terms... but it registered.

He started to be intentional about presenting and "closing."

It worked. Things started to happen. He got equipment he needed. He got resources he needed. He "sold" and it worked.

Thanks for the reminder and the thoughts!

You've got a great blog here!

Keep up the good work!