Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a New Year of prosperity and success. With 2007 comes and exciting opportunity for businesses and marketers as well. With it comes change in how business is done and how it can be done. New avenues are there for you to explore and the time to do so is now. Take time to talk to me about your options and how your business can grow in this coming year. Let's step outside that box together and follow innovation to provide success and added income in this year. Who can't use that?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Yes, it's true! As of December 13th, I am yet again another year older. Not so's not polite to ask a lady her age. I always find the eve of my birthdays a time for reflection. Where am I now and where do I want to go. On the eve of this particular birthday, I feel as if I am on the right track with my life. I have found a career that I love with my marketing business, two of the most amazing children one could ask for and the best friends a girl could have. Then I have to ask myself...what else is there? For a moment that thoughts gives me a sense of peace. Shortly followed by a sense of duty. Okay, I finally have it all going in the right direction. And now I want to see it through. It's only the beginning. And what else comes with birthdays? Presents. And I'd like one from all of you. What I would like for you to do in honor of my birthday is to simply pay it forward. Do one thing of unordinary kindness for someone you see who needs it. Pick up something someone dropped, stop for someone in a cross walk, donate to one of my favorite charities or just wish a stranger "Happy Holidays". Sappy, I know. But I think if we all adopted this philosophy, this world would be a little better place. So please do me this one favor. I will feel it and everyone will enjoy the day.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogging Is The Wave...

Since I have started this new adventure in the marketing industry, I have been doing a lot of reseach on where marketing is going and what it will become in the years ahead. Business to business (b2b) marketing and blogging are the wave of the future. Studies show that within the next two years, newspaper advertising will become less the norm of marketing your business. Mailers and flyers will become obsolete. It is a very exciting time for business owners and marketing consultants alike. For those of us who tend to be of a computer mind, our ideas that have waiting for time to catch onto will now see a reality. We can do for the businesses we market for on a much grander scale. And what a grand scale it will be. Literally the world sees no limit.

For myself, it seems that in the past I have jumped on that bandwagon in the business world as many were jumping off of mine and onto the hottest and newest thing available. This one we are all in together. I am so excited to be among those out there sharing ideas and preaching the love of the businesses and the people that I have met and hold near and dear to my own econmic progress as well as their financial well being.

I have always disliked an operation of keeping ones cards close to the vest. Of not sharing what we know for the benefit of others in fear that there could be something lost. Its such a big world. We all have so much knowledge that can help each other. And I think that blogging unifies that very concept. Sharing what we know to help one another for a better outcome for all. And isnt that what its all about?

Friday, December 8, 2006

Internet Shopping

Isn't it the greatest thing ever? I do support my local businesses as much as I possibly can but with a work schedule like mine, at times, the only thing to do is log on and add it to my shopping cart. Many businesses rely on people like me and their businesses are just as vital to them as the darling bookstore up the street. I don't mean the's of the world but I mean the mom and pop websites that truly have a great product to share. Or the art gallery that gets very slow in the winter months. If you own one of these businesses and you need a shot in the arm, consider business to business (b2b) marketing. Its what is coming. Statistics show that by the year 2008 business with dramatically reduce the amount of newspaper advertising that they do and direct mailings will practicially fall off of the charts. B2B Marketing will the way small internet businesses work together to provide growth. If you want to know how this can benefit your small internet business, email me and we can discuss your options. Wouldn't it be great to be one of the first utilizing a new marketing trend rather than playing catch up once everyone else is already on board?

Monday, December 4, 2006

It's Not About Me

Though I easily get caught up in my excitement of the season (and if you saw my house you would know that I there is plenty of excitement) I always take time to remember those who do without so much more than I do. Through my marketing business, I have been working closely with Father Pirmin Ngolle who has spent some of his time in my parish here in NE Oregon. Father Pirmin is from Tanzania. He has been instrumental in starting Hanga Abbey. Hanga Abbey is an organization doing all it can to provide clean water to thousands who go without. Isnt that something that we so often take for granted in our lives? And yet many over there go without. I helped Father Pirmin make a site in which donations are easily made regardless of size. So I encourage you to take a moment and donate what you feel you can to give a gift that will mean so much to others.

I hope more and more of us take the time to recall that simple golden rule into our lives. Doing unto others as we'd have others doing unto us. And remembering just how much we have and how very lucky we are.

Friday, December 1, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

And here it is! Another glorious holiday season is already upon us. And I truly do think it's the most wonderful time of the year. As I sit here in my office and watch the soft Charlie Brown snowfall, I lament because I wish I could be home doing my Christmas baking. Not always the case. In fact, this time of year, I wonder if I'll be able to do it at all. But I have an ali in this world. She is my dearest of friends, Leah Starr. Leah owns Kneads Bakery in La Grande, Oregon. It's baking like your grandmother used to bake. No artificial colors, ingredients or artificial flavorings. No trans fats either! Where else can you find that? If you want to know more please visit

Christmas must also be a season for me and not just a day. So take each day of the busy holiday season and find some joy within. The smile on a childs face, the flight of a gentle snowflake or a hot cup of something and a good Christmas read. Find your peace in the season. Happy December.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Winter Art Gallery Walks

In this season I always feel deprived of my gallery art trips. But I have found a wonderful way to keep focused on art and keep my collection complete. I recently discoved a wonderful gallery in Joseph Oregon called Aspen Grove Gallery. Mark Kortnik and Carol McLaughlin are wonderful and highly talented artists with an eye for art that suites the Pacific Northwest and beyond. I encourage everyone to take a virtual tour of their gallery and add to you own unique collection. Their work is superior and photos do not do it justice. You will not be sorry if you purchase their work at