Monday, April 12, 2010

How Do You Say Good-Bye

Saying good bye to our four legged friends is beyond hard. It’s almost impossible. Most of my friends will tell you they prefer the company of their animals over most people. Present company included. So how do we get through this unimaginable task. Maybe I can help.

The law allows us to give this gift to our fur friends. Where euthanization is not acceptable for humans yet, it’s a gift we can give to our pets. They don’t have to suffer. We sadly watch the humans in our life struggle with no quality of life but we can assist our friends into the next step. But how.

When it’s time, try to have the vet come to your home. Most animals hate to go to the vet and they will be far more comfortable if they can be in their familiar surroundings. And for you, Mom? You don’t have to be alone. Call on your friends to be there with you. And if you can’t be there for the moment, it’s okay. Give yourself a break. But if at all possible, arrange with your vet to have this done where your pet can be most at ease.

Let your pet know you will be okay. The majority of time, animals will cross over without difficulty. But an animal may have a harder time if they are worried about you. If you can, reassure your pet that you will be alright. Tell her you will miss her but that you will be okay. Give your animal permission to go.

As I mentioned earlier, most animals know there is more than this one life. They don’t have the fear that humans have in crossing over. What your animal wants to know is how is this going to happen. Have a pet communicator or you can try to explain to your pet the steps that will be taken in the process. Like us, they just want to know what to expect. That will take a lot of the fear out of the process for your friend.

I will be assisting my dear friend Sharry in helping her beloved chocolate lab, Avery cross over this afternoon. Not a task that I look forward to, but at times like this, someone else’s pain is much greater than your own. Avery has the mind of a puppy yet but her body is failing her. She needs to go where she can run and play the way her heart and mind still want to. She has a journey to follow. All of our fur friends do.

Much to our sadness, only a small part of their journey is with us. They have greater work to do that goes beyond their time in our homes. They never completely leave us. They remain with us as long as our memories do. And, if it’s in the universe’s plan, they will return to us for another brief moment of love and devotion. And then once again, it is our job to help them move to the next step of their journey. Often we vow, no more. That is all I can take. Until we hear that soft kitten’s meow or look into the mournful eyes of that dog that has chosen us. And…it’s love. Here we go again.