Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paralyzed and Pregnant - What We Take For Granted

Awhile back, maybe even a year ago, I watched a show called Paralyzed and Pregnant. It was a moving documentary about Michelle, woman who in her early 20's dove off a dock and broke her neck, leaving her a quadrapalegic. That alone is hard to think about. But she went on to fall in love, marry and give birth to her son, Pierce. Part Two of the story goes on to tell how the birth of their son along with the pressures of her medical issues were too much for the young marriage to last and the couple divorced. The last update I saw was Pierce's 4th birthday party where Mom Michelle had apparently gone all out with blow up jumpy toys in the yard to a whole host of guests which included children and adults alike. Now here is where it got me. She says how much help it required to do this. And how while everyone was outside playing with her son; running and jumping, she watched through a window inside.

If you read my blog very often you how I work very hard at being greatful for everything in my life. I just don't think I can be greatful enough for every little thing I take for granted in my day. I had the blessings of the overwhelming tasks of every birthday party for my two kids. I have two functioning legs and arms in which to do it. I got to run with them. Serve their cake. Hand them their gifts and complain while I did all the clean up. Wow am I self centered. I don't have to think about what it would be like to be unable to do those things and have those moments. I reach out to them and touch them at my very will. Not once do I think about what it would be like if I couldn't feel them. I got to dress them when they were little. I didn't have to have an assistant who did it for me. I could take them to the park. Complain because they wanted to swing a little longer and it was making me nauscious. I took cupcakes to school that I had stayed up way to late making and I sewed the dress for the Christmas program (that I really enjoyed). Not once did it cross my mind what IF I couldn't do these things.

In being honest I wondered who she brought this little person into the world for. If it was selfish of her to have a child she couldn't raise without help. In retrospect, I think its more selfish to have a beautiful child or children and take for granted how completely wonderful each little menial task truly is. All of Michelle's reasons shouldn't matter to me. They matter only to her. But what I come away from watching this is, her story could be mine. It could be yours. Unlucky for her and lucky for us, it isn't our story. But can we think for just a moment, what if it was? Maybe we can cherish that little kiss as they run out the door or that hug just a little longer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome Baby Andre'