Friday, March 30, 2007

Two Women to Benefit Ghost Town

Heppner, Oregon Artist Denise Smith along with Charlene Collins of Seattle, Washington will be this years honored guests at Two Women – One Ghost Town Exhibit at the You and I Framing Gallery beginning Thursday April 5 located at 214 First Street in Kennewick, Washington to benefit historical Hardman, Oregon. A reception for the artists will be held that evening from 5 pm to 9 pm and the public is invited to attend.

Hardman, Oregon, a historical ghost town, in need of renovations and a chance to keep the community viable, will benefit with a portion of the proceeds of the show. The show will contain images of the old town of Hardman. “It has a different feel to it”, says Smith. “I still utilize my special techniques on these images but it’s more historic.”

Collins, a native of Italy making her current home in Seattle, has worked primarily in watercolors most of her career. However for this show, she will be working in large Polaroid transfers. A process, like Smith’s, that is unique and different from traditional photographed images.

This particular show is based on recounts of oral history, books and the Morrow County Museum Foundation in Heppner. In its day, Hardman is said to have been two towns with a line down the center of the street and two towns on each side. Having more than 900 residents, Hardman was a part of a major freight route.

Changes and the demise of Hardman occurred with the coming of the railroad and the invention of the automobile. The Historical town still puts on a well-attended seafood and oyster feast at the community center each year during the first week of deer season. “The old Oddfellows Hall in the Community Center is the hub of this community”, says Smith. “This is why we are donating funding in hope of helping to restore this building which is very unique and full of history itself.”

Smith and Collins met a few years ago while Collins was purchasing a piece of artwork from Smith. The two women had an instant liking for one another and made plans to do a photography shoot in Hardman. Thus, the two were inspired for the show taking place in Kennewick the 5th of April.

The gallery will feature this exhibit the month of April. For more information, please visit or

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's HERE!!!

I can't believe it's finally here...yes... I have a big girl website. And I can't wait to have you all be the first to see it. Tell your friends, tell your family, jot a note about it in Holiday Cards...(Easter is just days away) and send everyone you know to About Time Internet Marketing, LLC. Awwww...the thrill of accomplishment and the idea that it is all so real. I wish you all a wonderful spring day. I might get to see one now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Answers To Your Questions

How many times to you run to your computer and spend too much time researching WEB MD or any other medical based website? I know I have too often in the past. But now I have recently hit upon a great site where you can ask a question related to nutrition and your health and get a full detailed answer by a real person and not some automated response. The credible, informed and educated Rayna Peyron will answer your questions and health care concerns at her website Check it out!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don't Be Lead By Fear

Since I have had my home marketing business and though it's growth, I have come to know so many people. All of them (us) are trying to finding the way to prosperity and success. One thing that I see in way too many entrepreneurs is fear. Fear tends to be more of a deterent in us than we think. In my opinion, it comes from a deep seeded place that tells us that we are not worthy of success or fortune. That somehow we don't deserve it. Or worse, that it can't really be that good. Something is going to come take it all away. Well I am here to tell you that you do deserve it. You can be successful and what you dare to dream can be yours. Don't let the fear of success be the deciding factor in your fate. Tell yourself everyday that you deserve your success. Ask the universe for what it is that you want...and be SPECIFIC! The universe cannot understand what it thinks your meant. But most of all, work hard at overcoming the fear that what you want and what your goals are cannot be achieved. They can. You can make it happen. You deserve to be successful! It all comes down to that old addage....whether you think you can or you think you can' are right.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well that was harder than I thought it would be. After about 20 hours and 13 techincal assistants later...I'm back online an Verizon and I are barely on speaking terms. In fact, I have to call them again this afternoon to work out a couple more issues and then I hope it's a cold day in hell before I have to call them again for ANYTHING! But home based businesses are awesome and now that I'm back up and is productive and wonderful! I hope you are all well and I'll be launching another USANA give away very soon. Have a wonderful Froday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hey all...

Well part of the fun of being your own boss is you get to deal when the computer goes down...or at least doesn't get up. I am still waiting for my friends at Verizon to get things worked out and get me up and running at home. This was supposed to happen I sit at the public library hoping it will happen tomorrow. So to my wonderful loyal readers, I apologize. Alas, I do hate these "human" moments. I hope to be with you on a regular basis asap. In the mean time, be properous. I will strive to do the same.

On a bit of a side note, the Taste of Tillamook County was a huge success! If you are close by and were unable to attend, do what you can next year. It was such a treat!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Congratulations MICHAEL BRITO!

Michael is the winner of my USANA give away! Stay tuned for another give away in the near future! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Always Carry Business Cards

You all recently read my post on an Entreprenuer Day I recently attending. Another that astounded me a bit is the fact that several Entrepreneur's that I spoke with did not carry their business card. How unfortunate. I would love to know more about these companies and include them in some of my campaigns but have no way to follow through and contact them. So my free marketing tip of the day is ALWAYS carry your business card. Carry several. When you eat at a restaurant, leave one on the table with your bill. Leave them in the restroom. Anytime you are introduced to someone new, make sure they leave with your card. Often times even if the recipient does not require your product or services, they will at least have in mind and pass your information along should they meet someone who could benefit from what you offer. Plus, it gives you business credibility. Let me know how it goes for you.

Also this is the last day you can enter to win a free four week supply of USANA Essential Vitamins. Send your name and email address to today to be eligible to win!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Remembering Paul de Lay at the Taste of Tillamook

The Taste of Tillamook County has a history of featuring superb musical talent. This year was to be no exception. Legendary harmonica ace, Paul de Lay, was to be the headline act for the event's fifth anniversary. With the news of de Lay's sudden passing, the Portland music scene mourns the loss of an icon.

The Taste of Tillamook County is a culinary event showcasing the county's finest. Celebrating its fifth year, this weekend-long food and music festival takes place on March 16, 17 & 18, 2007 at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds.

Joined by three of de Lay's fellow blues harmonica players, the Paul de Lay Band will pay tribute to their leader at the Taste of Tillamook County. See the band, along with their special guests, on the Pacific Seafood Music Stage, Saturday, March 17, 7:00-9:00pm.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Taste of Tillamook County

TILLAMOOK, Ore. The Taste of Tillamook County (Home of the World Famous Tillamook Creamery) is a culinary event showcasing the county’s finest.

Celebrating its fifth year, this weekend-long food and music festival takes place on March 16, 17 & 18, 2007 at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds.

The event features local restaurants, micro-brewers, wine cellars, food producers, food processors, local agriculture, arts and entertainment and will benefit Community Food Security programs in Tillamook County.

The festivities include an amateur macaroni and cheese contest, professional cooking demonstrations, black box cooking competitions, a clam chowder cook- off, cheese and spirits pairings, an oyster speed shucking showdown, and more! In addition, children’s activities, live music, and local art, make this an event for the whole family.

Just over one hour from downtown Portland, Tillamook County offers many unique attractions, activities and tasty treats. From relaxing on the beach, to camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and visiting various tourist-attractions, Tillamook County offers something for everyone.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Outsider Blog of the Day

Hey's a fun one you might not have found yet. http: / / www. quasifictionalviews. blogspot. com. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Networking, Networking, Networking....

Hey there...I am currently attending an Entrepreneur Day at a local college where I live. What an experience. Thus far, it has been completely lucrative to my business and some really great connections and networking relationships are being formed. But what I am learning has been eye opening. I have been attending the marketing classes that are being offered because I want to know what people in my area are being taught about it. I am here to tell you that at least in my corner of the world what is being taught is still the basic archaic methods of advertising that marketer like you and I don't hold that much stock in any more. I am still hearing newspaper, mailings, radio, flyers....etc. I was shocked. In the last class I sat in there were at least three out of 25 that spoke up to say that they had internet businesses that they wanted to take nationally and internationally and were not finding good solid answers on how to do so. I realize that I was sitting among 25 people that I could help. And I did. I approached one of the ladies that had got nowhere with her tile business. As I was visiting with her, I had two other people approach me and want to set up time to talk to me. You and I eat, sleep and breathe SEO, SEM, B2B, B2C, web site management, marketing plans, publicity and the like. But I'm here to tell you that we are still on the cutting edge and there are PLENTY of people out there who need our services. We just have to get out there and get them. My advice for the day is to attend business fairs in your area armed with brochures, business cards and whatever else you can carry and RUN to the event. Arrive early and stay late. People are hungry for what we can teach them and how we can help them to be successful. I have to get back now. They are getting ready to break for lunch and I don't want to miss the opportunity.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

If a Blog Falls

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

One More Week To Win!

Good morning all. I just wanted to remind you that there is only one more week for you to sign up to win a free four week supply of USANA Essentials! Email me at with your name and email address. I will put your name in a box with the others and randomly draw a winner on the 15th. I will then contact you via email for your address and ship the Essentials to you. No catch. No gimick. I simply want you to have an opportunity to try these great vitamins. And if you know of someone who might like to enter, please email this blog to them. I'd love to give them the opportunity. Also, I have heard a lot of people complaining of joint pain recently. I know with the horse back riding I do I tend to get stiff and sore. It has to be the horses because it CAN'T be my age....right? USANA also has a wonderful product known as Procosa II. It's a wonderful product chalked full of glucosamine and tumeric. Together they are a powerful team to fight joint pain. Check it out!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Rest In Peace Dear Friend

I am so unbelievably saddened to have just learned of the untimely passing of Father Pirmin Ngolle. Fr. Ngolle was a compassionate man who came to this county to bring awareness of the plight of his people in Tanzania. Many of his people had no clean water, medical or school supplies. His mission was to raise awareness and funding for these people and he succeeded in doing just that. Through his work, he was able to provide 52 wells which will bring clean water to women and children who have not known what this is like before. Something that we take for granted every day was such a gift to these people. Through his work he got school supplies donated and medical supplies donated to people who were so grateful and so used to doing without. It was my pleasure to work with him to help raise this awareness on a national and international level. And it is my mission to challenge all of you to not let his work die. I encourage each and every one of you, in the name of Fr. Pirmin Ngolle to donate as little or as much as you can to Hanga Abbey Mission in Tanzania. And if you are a media that I have contacted about doing a story on this remarkable man, please do it. And if you would like to, please email me and I will get the press release to you. But please, don't let this man's work die with him. Let's keep the dream alive for those he cared so much about in Tanzania.

One Of My Favs......

Hey all,

Take a second and check out Mr. Biggs blog at I just wanted to give him a shout out today and encourage you to spend some time looking at what he has to say. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Well...I've Done It!

Well, I've done it. I have officially left the pay roll, the 9 to 5 and the office. I have taken my marketing business and USANA full tilt into the world and am making it on my own. Now that the shock of that big leap has worn do I feel? FANTASTIC!!! I have reviewed the numbers, looked at the plan, created marketing scheme and LOOK OUT WORLD...HERE I COME! I have set financial goals and am meeting them. I have asked the Universe for guidence and am receiving it. (See my blog on The Secret) I have designed my home office, am building a more viable website and have the joy of doing it all with a sweet little puppy at my feet and a sweet (yes he really is) 14 year old son with me after school. It just doesn't get better. Aside from sharing my joy with all of you is a message I want to send. If I can do this, so can you. Find your passion. Know how to make it profitable and DO IT! As we have seen with the stock market these last few days and the constant governmental threat of removing social security is that no one will take care of us but us! And look around you. There is a wealth of information out there waiting for you and people like myself who are in the business of making your business succeed. And the bonus? We can all be healthy and happy while we do it. What are you waiting for?