Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best in History

As I'm just now starting to catch my breath...I am in complete awe and adoration of my Pittsburgh Steelers. They have done it again.

And it was definately different than I expected. I hoped for a good game but I felt it would be fairly comfortable game to watch. I hoped it would not be a runaway for the Steelers because that would make it kind of sad. But I sure didn't anticipate what I got.

In talking to my daughter before the game, she said it was like the varsity team playing the freshmen and that the Steelers should just let the Cardinals win. Not a chance was my response. But it was not as she feared it might be either.

I can't watch a Super Bowl that my Steelers are in with other people because I make a complete and total ass out of myself every time. I'm an outloud thinker and it only gets worse when I get excited.

A rollercoaster ride it was. Winning all but the last quarter and ultimate winning the game, my team of 33 years aged me tremendously in the last 5 minutes of the game and again I questioned why I do this to myself year and after year. I can't quit. I'm a Steeler junkie.

And why the Steelers you might ask. I'm not from Pittsburgh. The answer I'll give you is integrity. Owned by the same family for the entire length (or close to) of their franchise, the Rooney family has done well by it's citizens of Pittsburgh and seemed to keep their heads about them once free agency became such a huge part of the game. Not giving it out to one player but always doing what is best for the entire team, the Rooney's have not jepordized the well fare of an entire team for the sake of one player.

Also, look at the Rooney's year in and year out. They give as much back to their blue collar community as heart and soul it's fans pour back. And this does not look to change. As Art Rooney passed it down to his son, Dan, Dan looks to pass it down to his son, Art. And the dynasty will live on.

Could anything make me not love my Steelers? Yes. Sell the team to Jerry Jones and watch how fast I become a Bears fan. I don't see it happening. I think my love affair is safe. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their loyal fans everywhere.