Thursday, May 17, 2007

How Is Your Retirement Coming Along?

Do you know that only 20% of Baby Boomers have any type of savings account? That means that 80% in this critical age have NOTHING in savings. That is a very scary statistic. What about retirement plans? I know that at 43 and the very small amount I put each month into a IRA, my financial advisor has told me that I am ahead of the game compared to most. Frightening. And I thought I was so far behind! Bankruptcy laws have now changed as well. Did you know that if you file bankruptcy that it will not solve medical debt? This a new development from good ol' G. Dub. Medical debt is one of the leading reasons that our national files bankruptcy in the first place. Am I making your day so far?

My question to you is "What are you going to do about taking care of your financial resources?"

If you think Social Security will be around to take care of you in your retirement, you are wrong. If you think that $25 a month in an IRA or 401K is going to take care of you, you are wrong. And yet we live paycheck to paycheck. Where will the extra come from? I'll tell you where. The home based business that you will start this year.

That's right. You will start a home based business this year. You will find a product that excites you with a reputable company, preferably the #1 company, with a record of longevity and products that you can feel good about and believe in. You will dedicate 2 hours a week to this business to begin with. More if you have the time. You will learn how to write off home expenses and save $3,000 to $9,000 on your taxes. You will take what you earn and place it in a tax credited IRA or 401K. Your financial consultant can tell you what is best for you.

You will capitalize in the power of 2. You will talk to 2 people a day. You will help 2 people get started in what you do. You will help them find 2 people to do the same. That's it. That is the formula to improve your financial situation. It can really be that simple.

You will begin to enjoy the freedom of less worries for your future. You will begin to see that you control your income, not your employer. You will begin to see that your financial capabilities are in your own hands and not your employers. You will see that you can make a terrific income, worry less, enjoy your family more and it's all in your control. The future begins today. Are you ready to start?


Francis Simisim said...

Hey, hows it going? Im not retiring yet lol! Anyways I've just started a new blog about bloggers. I was wondering if you'll be interested to write about yourself and your blog and I will post it in my new blog


Francis Simisim

Shannon Q. said...

You sure do have a way with words and can really get your point across. I am so glad that I came across your blog today :D I will have to check back frequently!

To Your Success!
Shannon Q.

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