Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Guess Who's In the Top Ten???

Me! That's right...ME!!! This morning I woke to find that in my email box was the top USANA achievers for this past week. I was suprised and delighted to find that I was listed at the #9 spot for top Preferred Customer Enrollers. I'm here to tell you folks that if you haven't started a home based business because you think you don't have the time you need to look at it again. With a full time marketing business and several other irons in the fire I devote an hour a day to USANA. If you can only devote one hour a week you can do this business. Think in the power of two. Can you talk to two people a day or give them your business card? Can you find just two people to do this business with you? Can you help them find two people? Then you can be successful at USANA. My name was on that list today. I am looking forward to seeing it there for Top Income Earners! I'm doing it. Can I help you do it too?


Shantanu said...

Hi! Great blog you have here. Hope to keep coming back... and thanks for visiting me at MyBlogLog.

Shannon Q. said...

Great job and congratulations! You are obviously doing something right! Keep it up!

To Your Success!
Shannon Q.