Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Changes!

Well I am here to tell you that I am moving. Yes, it's time to move out of the bad juju house and into a new start. So this clan, cats, dog, boy, girl , business and possibly horse are outa here!. I'm looking at a cute little place out in the country. Don't know yet. But I will keep you posted. So if I'm not around I'm painting, working, packing or panicking! New beginnings are good and it is what I have asked the universe for. Now I need to ask for it to be affordable! Let me know how you all are and how business is. On the business end, things are well. As busy as I have been, I'm not to busy to assist you in your success as well. We get what we give. If I can do anything to help you make your dreams come true or set your business on fire, call me!

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Shannon Q. said...

Good luck on your house hunt. That is always a very difficult and stressful time. Starting fresh and new just might give you the next million dollar idea ;)

To Your Success!
Shannon Q.

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