Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Happened

I have a million and one things to talk about but nothing to say. For days I have come to my blog and found...nothing. My head is so full and my life is so busy. I'm not complaining. Not by a long shot. No offense but I would rather be busy with so many clients and not be able to write to you all here than be able to add several posts a day. Work has been busy. Life has been busy. But when I sit down to write to you all here. Dry. Tumbleweeds come out of my ears. Sand. And it's not that I have nothing to say. But it all has come out like statements rather than profound words of wisdom. Take your vitamins. Take the RIGHT vitamins. Get your affordable website. Market appropriately. Should celebrities be candidates? Why didn't Oprah call back? Deadlines. Deadlines. The end of the month brings many of those, doesn't it? My new house takes to holiday decorating very well. Yes, those Halloween decorations came out of the basement. Websites abound as do new accounts. It's a good problem to have. The holiday's fast approach and businesses are quick to get on board to get the most traffic they can, virtual or otherwise. Boundries are important to set for oneself but at what cost? To the cost of your own spare time? Or your business? And what do you feed a thoroughbred mare when she has an injury and you can't have her too hot? These are just a few of the insights in my mind that have gone on lately and the reason you haven't see a quality post in a few days. How do you narrow that mess down? Awwww....writers block. With the new interesting people I have been able to meet here of recent, watch for this space to improve. But until then....thanks for hanging in there.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oprah! Answer Your Fax!'s been that day. The one where you chase your tail ... the one where you just can't get Oprah to pick up her fax. But in my attempts to reach Oprah today, I got to thinking about how many people want her to run for office. And then I got to thinking about the candidates debate. Who is your favorite? Are we ready for Hillary? I don't dislike Hillary. She is third on my list right now. Edwards is #1 (how can you not love him?) and Barack is my #2. I want him to be president in the worst way but not just yet. I like what Hillary has to say and I will definatley vote for her if she is The One. But what about Oprah and celebrities running for office? Are you for it or against it? Are they really ready to take the office or do they run on a popularity ticket? And do we really know what candidates stand for or do just know what their supports pay for them to endorse. Back to chasing my tail.

Monday, September 24, 2007

USANA Funnies: Ray Needs Energy

I've Said It Before...

And I'll say it again. Know what you are getting when you purchase nutritional supplements. Bottom line. The easiest way to do that? Look at the Comprehensive Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Buy it at your local bookstore or check it out at your library. There is a lot of information and misinformation floating around out there about vitamins. What is good, what is bad, etc. Don't take anyone's word for it until you do your own homework. The Comprehensive Guide is an INDEPENDANT study ranking the top vitamins in the world. Know what your doing. Be responsible for your own health and do your homework. And then when you are ready for #1, call me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall!

The colors are changing and the air is cooler. Welcome all to fall! A new season, a new agenda a new time for goals and progress. What will yours be? As much as we may or may not be resisting, holiday season is fast approaching. How will your business promote it's services or products for the upcoming season? Have you thought about your marketing plan or approach or make the most of your holiday season? Start now. Don't wait. Have a plan. I see it all to often. The season sneaks up on us and we find ourselves in mid December thinking, "gee...I wish I would have...." Don't let yourselves get caught in that position where you are looking through hind site 20/20 vision. Can a website benefit your business? Of course it can! Enjoy the colors, dream big and design a plan. Need help? Call me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got Proflavanol?

The season's are a changin'! And with it comes cold and sinus season. Agree? You don't have to put up with it any longer. You know me, I shoot from the hip and how something has effected my life. Proflavanol combines a wonderful combination of vitamin C and Grape Seed Extract to significantly boost the immune system. It has been know to reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthma and I know if you catch it soon enough, it will knock a cold right outa ya! I sent it off with my daughter to college. I have my son on it as school starts. This time of year, as busy as we all are, don't you agree it's worth the investment. Let me hear from you. I'll get a bottle out to you today.

Why Proflavanol 90?
Proanthocyanidins are distributed to virtually every organ and tissue, and remain in the body for up to 72 hours.*
Proanthocyanidins may be bioavailable and are absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream.*
Not only do proanthocyanidins neutralize free radicals themselves, but they conserve and regenerate vitamins C and E.*
Vitamin E is a powerful free-radical scavenger, and flavonols and vitamin C regenerate vitamin E.*

Friday, September 14, 2007

Half Full or Half Empty?

I always try to put a positive spin on things in my life. I always attempt to keep a positive attitude about things even when they go wrong sighting that it just wasn't meant to be. But we all meet people in our lives that aren't able to do so. I call them "glass half empty people". Now these folks are not to be confused with flat out negative people. Flat out negative people don't have a good thing to say about anyone or anything. That's different. Glass Half Empty People are just always waiting for the negative to happen to them. They wake up and say "this is going to be a bad day" or you compliment them on their new outfit and they say how they'll probably spill something on it. You get the point. But I was thinking about this very thing today. I think a lot of our perspective comes from where we are when we look at the glass. If our glass is empty and we are in the process of filling it up, then our glass is half full. If our glass was full and we are in the process of emptying the glass, well then, it would be half empty. When contemplating the entire full or empty debate, I think one must look at the journey of that water in the first place and ask ourselves, are we filling our glass or doing our best to empty it?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Key Is Continuing Education

Sound like a contradiction? Possibly. As much as I hate not having my kids at home when they go to school, I value the importance of continuing my education as a professional. As you have read in my profile, I was a hair stylist and a National Trainer for a hair product company prior to my career change. Can you imagine if a stylist did not continue to learn new techniques...ever? We'd all still be walking around in beehives and ratted bubbles. It is important of every aspect of our adult lives and professional careers to continue to grow and know what is new in our field ... or be left behind. True story! If Mitzi's Marketing up the street or around the web has training in dynamic marketing areas that I have chose not to learn or ignore, how many people will leave me for Mitzi's Marvelous Marketing? If we do not value learning and if we do not chose to continue to grow in our fields, we will be left behind. Continue to grow and give your clients (and yourself) the advantage of knowledge. In today's competitive and ever changing market for technoligical and business savvy professionals, she/he who has the most knowledge ...WINS!

Monday, September 3, 2007

I Hate This Time of Year...

...I really do. I'm one of those sicko mom's who really likes having my kids home with me. I like waking up when my body wakes up. I like a relaxed schedule. It's a transition time. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons but I am never ready to see them end and I am never ready to see them begin. I know it sounds like a total contradiction. I work hard year round but there seems to be an urgency to the work routine come fall. Summer is done, time to buckle down and accomplish something. Anyone else resisting this? I think school should begin when we have the first frost. It just seems cruel to have to be so serious when everything is still so beautiful and summery. The first hints of cool are in the air. The horses are starting to fuzz up oh so slightly but no one (except my daughter, maybe) is ready to be this serious. I'll be alright. I'll adjust. I have to admit, the Halloween decorations in the basement ARE starting to call to me. I'll try to hold off until the end of the month. I hate it when the neighbors point when the decorations come out at the first of September.