Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pro Bowl Now a Popularity Contest?

Being a nearly lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, it saddens to me see advertised on every game these days is to vote for your favorite players to go to the Pro Bowl. What???? It used to be in days gone by that the top players with the best statistics for their posistion went. If they were unable to go for whatever reason, then the next in line took their place. Granted that probably most of the players who are getting the votes are top in their field, still, I have to wonder if it's not becoming more of a popularity contest then a forum for those who had the best year to compete against one another. My vote? Get rid of the popularity contest and send the best of the best. Bar none.



Erika-Nicole said...

Sorry..not really into football that much. I was looking for your email address but didn't see it. You do advertising?

Gingersnap13 said...

I do! Email me at I will watch for your email!