Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Election Day!

In our current corrupt society, it's hard to get geared up to go out and vote. Oh I'm not just talking about our current presidential state of the union, I'm talking about every day politics. You don't know who is telling the truth. You don't know if what they say is really what they mean or their true beliefs. And it's often hard to decipher what is the true (or hidden) meaning in a ballot measure. I can't fix or explain the intent of who is running for election or what how you should vote a measure that is being presented by your state. What I do know is that if you don't educate yourself, if you don't take the time to fill out your ballot or get out and vote, you don't have the right to complain if you aren't satisfied with the state of your government.

For example: I live in the eastern part of Oregon in a rural community. Most of our statewide measures are decided in the more metropolitan west side of the state. As I mentioned, I live in Oregon. Most national politicians do not see us as a "must win" state. But I vote. I vote every election. I study my voters pamphlet. I get as educated as I can on the issues at stake and I vote. Yes it takes time. But a lot went into giving me that right and I take it seriously. Get informed. Take a stand and vote! Digg!

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