Friday, November 2, 2007

Learning Till the Brain Hurts

Why is it some of us feel we know all we want to know by the time we reach 35? And then why are there still others who have such a thirst for knowledge that they never seem to tire of learning? One of my best friends recently told me that I was the hippest chick she knew because I still enjoyed learning and she had come to the point where she just wanted someone else to do it for her.

We all have heard that we only use roughly 5% of our brain in our lifetime. I don't want to die with 95% of knowledge left to know. My need for increasing my knowledge comes from not being satisfied with being all that I am right now. Don't get my wrong, I think I have worked miracles in my life and am happy with the accomplishments I have had. But I want more. Many, many more.

I still see myself writing that book some day. I still see myself on a stage motivating others not to give up and encouraging them to increase their own personal knowledge base. I see me getting that degree that has thus far eluded me. I see me financially solvent with my animals and maybe some grandchildren enjoying the great outdoors.

For now, I want to learn a new computer application that makes the web sites I design that much better. When I see a new icon on someone elses blog I want to look it up and know what it is. If my fellow blogger knows it, I surely want to as well. And someday I want to design that icon for my site/blog that someone else has to look up to know what it is.

Now, that I have embarked on a career that I am loving and is still in its infancy, and when my children are close to being grown, now is when I have the time and the brain capacity to take it all in. So much so this week that my mind feels full. I am excited at what lies ahead. I'm excited to learn what is new and what seems to be passing me by at an alarming, lightning fast rate. I want to tell you one day my story. And I want everyone to know that it's not too late to change the course they may be on or to decide to step (or jump) over to the other path that leads to the dream; whatever that dream may be. It might not be easy. I'm betting it won't be. But the one message I heard over and over at the convention I just attended was "Don't Give Up". I have no intentions of it. Digg!

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focuzdlife said...

Great post. Keep on sharing your passion. Somebody (like me) hears and recognizes the beauty in it, and in the one who wrote it.