Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Different Glass Ceiling

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a different sort of glass ceiling that is causing as much if not more damage than the traditional type. More and more statistics support that in the next few years, there will no longer be a "middle class" in society. And that indeed we are heading to a "have's" and "have not's" society. I see this becoming evident as the lower middle class strive to bring their standard of living up. I don't understand what a person's credit rating has to do with their ability to do a job effectively. It has been brought to my attention by people I work with applying for higher paying jobs that provide benefits, 401K's and other perks that come from stable, fulfilling full time employment in the corporate and sub corporate world need to provide information and consent to credit checks. This can affect a decision made by an employer as to whether or not to hire the applicant. Are you kidding me???? I have to say it! This enrages me. Chances are that the applicant does not have stellar credit rating due to the low income circumstances in which they have been living. If the employer sees qualities that enable the applicant to do the job regardless of their previous income, shouldn't that be enough to hire them? Why can someone who seems so suited for the job be declined due to a credit score number? In my mind, this is another example of keeping the lower class where they are and not allowing them to infultrate the upper class sector of society. A practice that, in my opinion, is so wrong. Let's take that out of the job market, increase the over all economy and bring that bottom line up. A previous credit score may reflect a low time in the applicants life, a divorce, an illness and many other things that have nothing to do with the applicants ability to fulfill a job. Did you know the difference between having a home for a single income family and have that same family homeless is 2 paychecks? Think about it. Let's hire our employees based on their credentials and not their credit scores. Digg!

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