Monday, June 2, 2008

My Truck

Okay so about two months ago, I bought my first truck. It's nothing fancy. I got a very used 1994 GMC Sierra with a crap ton of miles on it that has had some tough love but overall is a hot lookin' truck.

Payments are inexpensive. Gas is not. I drive it very conservatively. My prayers are that it does what I need it to do for two years and then I'll upgrade to something less....used. I love my truck. It wasn't in the plans but for a single gal with a kid, dog and horse, it makes life easier when it comes to hauling hay, dumping yard debris and overall horsewoman activities. But the one thing I didn't see coming was joining the club.

I live in a rural area, population of about 13,000. People that is. Livestock numbers are higher. But something I've noticed since I've had the Green Moose (she's a full figured gal) is that other people in trucks wave to me as if we are secret members of some sort of "country" club. Most of them I don't know but I can count on driving past a fellow quarter ton-er and getting a wave. A brief acknowledgement that I am a member of "the club".

I've always loved a man in a cowboy hat that tips his hat as you walk by. I love being dirty at the end of the day and knowing my horse and kids are happy and the chores done look great. I didn't originally want to live in a rural community but I do. Now I wouldn't live anywhere else.

The best part? Waving back to a friendly stranger and knowing the kinship you find in small town life. It never fails to suprise me and makes me smile every time.

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