Monday, June 9, 2008

Road Etiquette

Whenever I take a road trip, I am always reminded of things that tick me off and that are just plain rude. So here are just a couple of road etiquette reminders for my readers. And maybe you might just have a story or two to share of your own.

1. If you MUST drive in the passing lane, MOVE OVER when someone is trying to pass you! Yesterday I was behind someone in the passing lane with several people behind me . I saw them look in the rear view mirror and just stay there. So the people behind me started to pass on the inside and eventually I did too shaking my head at the driver of the car as I passed. This happened on a 250 mile trip yesterday not once but 3 times. So people, please, if you must drive there for whatever reason, give the other drivers on the road a break.

2. If someone is trying to merge on to the interstate and you have the availability to do so, move into the passing lane. I had a truck driver block me in one time with NO ONE in the passing lane. Rude.

3. Don't pass me like your hiney is on fire and then slow down in front of me. That is what cruise control is for.

4. And my all time biggest pet peeve is not highway driving at all but in town. Funeral processions. People, (and maybe your town isn't as guilty of this as mine) don't cut in, honk your horn, drive through or exhibit any other sort of rude behavior. If you see a line of cars with their lights on in the middle of the day driving slowly behind a hurse, ultimately you should pull over and pay your respects as you would for an emergency vehicle. But at the very least, stay out of the way for the friends and family members who have lost a loved on. I didn't realize how bad my town was about it until I attended my uncle's funeral in another state. There, cars pulled over all the way to the cemetary and most actually got out the car and stood at attention as we drove by. I was blown away. So parents teach your kids about this form of respect and practice it yourselves. A little old fashioned politeness can go a long way today.

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