Monday, June 23, 2008


I just had a conversation tonight regarding gas prices. My mentor mentioned that he and his wife just returned from a month in Europe. They said that when they returned to the US they could feel the tension with the economy being what it is and fuel prices skyrocketing out of this world. He also delivered some grim news. He said, in his opinion, this is no where near the top. He feels that gas prices will not stop rising until they hit around $6.50 per gallon. In Europe they toured one of the richest oil countries around and they were paying $10 per gallon. And this is a country that produces it's own fuel.

Pretty grim. So it's no longer a situation about where the prices will stop, but rather what are you going to do to improve your income $400-$450 a month so that you can manage it. What are you going to do to manage it? Mmmmm.....good question.

One solution. Invest in your own home based business. Sleep deprivation is a huge issue in society. So most likely if you are like most American's taking a second or in some cases a third job may seem overwhelming. Looking at what fits into your life at the moment seems logical and most of us talk, right? We talk at work. We talk to our friends and we talk to our family. Well, why not talk to them about something that could be beneficial for everyone. And while your at it, why not talk about NIKKEN.

What astounded me when I got involved with NIKKEN and I started talking about it, I haven't had one person tell me a single negative thing about the company. The 33 year established business has such a well earned reputation that maybe not everyone wants to be a business builder with you, but they will be pleased with the products. Seems people I talk to have a) not heard of it before or b) oh yeah, their mom has used it and loves it or something similar.

It's time to look at home based businesses as a serious means of supplemental income. Rising costs of fuel and groceries will not go down soon. Therefore, it is imperative that we find additional means of bridging the gap. What are you going to do the make up the financial difference of $450 a month? What if it could be even more?

In network marketing, you definitely reap what you sow. You get out of it what you want to put into it and if you want to do it part time or full time, you can't go wrong as long as you move forward.

Personally, I'm looking for business builders. However many hours you can contribute, I want you on my team. I want to build you up, because that is how you win at this game, by helping others and I want us both to benefit from the knowledge of an amazing upline and sidelines to make a difference not only in our financial well being but in our health as well. More and more we hear about stress effecting our health and how it is a leader in health issues in this country. Give me a call or drop me an e if you are looking for a way out of financial worries and way in to a healthier more financially stable life. I'm standing by. or 541.786.1613.

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