Saturday, June 14, 2008

RIP Tim Russert

I didn't used to be into politics like I am now. I never really understood how it all worked. Until this guy started coming on the Today Show and was ever present at the 2000 elections with that darn dry erase board and it all started to come together. I began to understand what was going on, what mattered, what didn't and how my vote mattered or didn't. Then I began to watch this show called Meet the Press. Yeah, the very show that used to make me roll my eyes as a kid when my parents watched it. I thought it was the most boring thing you could watch but in the past several years, it had become a must see in my household. It made sense. Those who were unclear were asked to justify and those who lied were called to the carpet. Yes, there was a little justice in politics after all. And now, it's over. The nation lost one of the good guys out there. Someone who didn't write tell all books or even share his own views an not once did his own agenda come in to place. He just did what he could to make clear and very cloudy political world to so many of us out here. And dare I say I feel as if I have lost a teacher. Like the one math teacher you had who made it all make sense. No, political journalism will never be the same. Any one who has to take that place will be a mere shadow of the man who reined at the Bureau.

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