Friday, June 20, 2008

Shannon Miller Joins NIKKEN

From the Heleman Group:

Shannon Miller a 7 time Olympic Medalist and 9 time World Medalist remains The Most Decorated American Gymnast, male or female, in history, having won more Olympic and World Championship Medals than any other US gymnast.

Shannon has a BBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a law degree from Boston College. She now spends her time as a highly sought after motivational speaker, television host, author, sports broadcaster and clinician.

Shannon hosts Gymnastics 360°, founded the Shannon Miller Foundation to fight childhood obesity and Co-Chair's the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness in Florida.

Accomplishments and awards from her sport only begin to tell the story of this remarkable young woman. She has overcome many obstacles to achieve greatness; a true testimonial to all those who have a dream and work hard to achieve it.

Doug Braun shared the following:
As far as her being the most decorated American gymnast and all the medals that she has won; she has been abducted into six Halls of Fame and will be inducted into the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame on June 9,2008.

She is the only woman in any sport to be inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame twice; once as an individual and second for being part of the Olympic teams. So she is a very dynamic woman. We look forward to her participation with Nikken and her participation in this launch event.

I mentioned that there is a product associated with this and Shannon is going to lend her endorsement to the Nikken products. It will be primarily towards one product, which is a new sport bracelet. Her tie into this sport bracelet is very similar to what we're doing with the current green sport bracelet and our donation to Autism Speaks.

This new sport bracelet will not replace Autism Speaks - this bracelet will continue. The new bracelet is a new color and upgraded design. You are going to love it.

This new bracelet is going to be tied into the Shannon Miller Foundation. With the purchase of every bracelet, we will be making a donation to the Shannon Miller Foundation, which is setup to fight childhood obesity.

In addition to Shannon using our products, endorsing our products; she has a philosophy in her life and how she works that is very similar to Nikken. We will be supporting the Shannon Miller Foundation and her fight against childhood obesity. This bracelet will participate in a major way in that effort.

The timing of this is perfect because as I mentioned Shannon is going to be inducted in to the Woman's Sports Hall of Fame on June 9th.

June 19th - 21st are the US Olympic gymnastic trials, which Shannon will be participating in at many different levels. There is going to be lots of Press around this.
Shannon will be participating in the trials so there's probably going to be some media around that. She is already wearing our new bracelet!

We have the Olympics coming up in August. This is an opportunity to create an awful lot of excitement around Shannon and huge excitement around Nikken and our new bracelet. It's going to be a Go for the Gold type bracelet!

We're going to be able to make a lot of noise come here in June!

*Bloggers Note: Along with Shannon Miller comes a new product! Our new Tri Phase Bracelet is now available and part of the proceeds go the Shannon Miller Foundation to bring awareness to childhood obesity. For more information on how you can get one, email me at

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