Tuesday, June 3, 2008


A day I didn't think history would see in my lifetime. A man, unwavering in his convictions and unwilling to bend to the negative has been nominated for the democratic ticket for the White House. And not that this is that amazing, though in these times it is, but that fact that he is a black man running for the white house is historic.

I fell in love with this candidate when I saw him at the DNC four years ago as did many others. I watched it alone in my front room at midnight on the edge of my chair wondering if I should wake my children to hear it. I watched that speech on You Tube again tonight and wasn't completely suprised to see that he has not wavered on the convictions he spoke of back then. He still believes now as he did then.

And more amazing? He has not dipped into that negative abyss to get to where he is today. He didn't vote for the war and he still stands behind so many other things that he held dear then. Have you ever thought about why you don't see negative ads about him? Because we finally have a candidate folks that doesn't have skeletons in the closet. I've watched this man for four years and I have to say he has yet to disappoint me. You have someone running now that will not accept lobbyist money. You have someone now folks who is vowing for an open door politics. Get the dirty laundry out there for all of us to see and let us decide who we want in the senate and congress. Never in my life have I heard someone willing to do just that.

I heard him speak and he's not afraid to say when he doesn't know. And he has a plan to back up his ideals and he has the conviction to see it through.

Oh yes, I am very excited about these winds of change. Change that is so needed in the world right now. The world needs healing and if anyone can do it, this man can. And on this historic day in the world, I was touched once again to find in this clip below of a moved Chris Matthews from Rev. Desmond Tutu and he feelings about Obama. Matthews also points out that we are not the only one's glued to our sets and radios at this time, the world is listening also. And this excitement radiates all over.

Yes, if healing can occur, I believe this is the man to do it.

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