Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crunchie Stretches

If you own an athletic horse, chances are you've heard of "carrot stretches". As the photo here from Today's Horse demonstrates, carrot stretches are great way to keep your horse limber and eliminate the risk of some injuries.

I have an 11 year old thoroughbred off the track or should I say that she has me. I have finished her for polo with the help of many friends. After an injury I kept her supple over the winter with these stretches. Well today I found something better.

Though she loves her carrots, today I did her stretches with a Canter Crunchie and saw amazing results. She loves these treats. I took one treat and broke a piece off of it and flexed her to the left then the right. Then she got her reward. Then I took another piece and did it again. I took the final piece and put it to her chest and not only did she flex low but backed and backed which will help strengthen her hind quarters.

Check out Today's Horse for specific instructions to these stretches but call me today to order your Canter Crunchies. Just $13 and the profits go to help send my son to Santa Barbara with his interscholastic polo team in the spring of 2009. Lines are open and standing by! 541.786.1613

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