Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poll Results

Thank you to the four of your *L* who participated in my blog poll. All four had the same answer. They NEVER take nutritional supplements. Now what I want to know is why. As a Usana representative, the big reason I hear is that they just can't remember. I get that . It takes some time to get into the habit of taking a supplement. It's the same as implementing a new work out or a skin care regimen. It takes time for it to become your habit. My advice to those of you who are in this category is to be sure to put your supplements somewhere where you won't forget them. In a drawer or in a cupboard is out of sight, out of mind. When I first started implementing nutritional supplements, I kept them by my coffee pot. When I got my coffee in the morning, I took them. When I set the pot at night, I took them. If you are trying to get your children in a routine, the toothbrush holder is a great idea. Same for non-coffee drinking adults. Also, USANA provides your with a Health Pak. This contains your AM and PM vitamins in a handy package. No bottle to mess with and it's easy to travel with. If you have special health supplements that you take like Procosa II for joint and muscle pain or other Optimizers, USANA just introduced My Health Pak. I (or your representative) will work with you to design a Health Pak that suits your particular needs. Again in a easy to use pouch formulated just for you. If it matters, try these and see if it doesn't help. If you would like a Health Pak sample, please let me know and I will see to it you get one.

Now for those of you who do not believe, (and I cannot stress this enough) the majority of degenerative health conditions are preventable. If you say you get what you need from your food you are wrong. Proper nutrition in your diet is one very important step but it's not the whole picture. You don't brush and not floss or see the dentist. You have to complete the whole nutritional picture. Start now. Before you have a health issue. You know what they say about hind sight and 20/20. Why wait that long? Take care of your health now. Improve your overall energy level and do all you can to ensure your health lasts a very long time. Let me know how I can help you do this.

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