Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mutts and Moms...Give the Dog Back

Wow what a tearful plea. I am a huge animal lover. I support so much that these organizations do for the good of animals. But I have to say that I think this organization went way too far. They alerted the media and the police when the arrived to seize the dog. I use the hard word "seize" because that is what it seems they did. They took the little pooch as if it were an illegal alien being harbored by law breaking aiding and ebedding criminals. It's a dog. It's a dog that got a good home with loving people. Inspect the home if you must. Though ridiculous, charge Ellen a readoption fee if you must. But give the dog back to a family that loves and cares for it.


adam malek said...

gingersnap, i have 17 cats. They are so lovely. My wife loves them so much (...than me maybe ). It amazing to have them around. Wonder why some human being don't feel love to animal. God bless you gingrrsnap.

adam malek said...

Forgive me for spelling your name wrongly. gingersnap.