Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Falling Behind in Your House Payment? Lisa Page Can Help!

This time of year it's easy to get there! October is slower for business. Kids need school things. It's easy to fall behind just a little in your mortgage payment. Then a little more. Before it gets out of hand, meet my friend Lisa Page. Lisa Page is a mitigator for US Loss Mitigation and Stop Foreclosures Assistance. Lisa is a kind and wonderful person who wants to help you save your home. Here's her story.


With foreclosures at an all time high, interest rates gone through the ceiling and government supposedly unable to do anything about it, many homeowners are in dire straits trying to make ends meet and stay financial ahead of the home mortgage game.

According to FT.com, housing foreclosures doubled in September with 223,538, a 99% increased compared to a year ago. Adding that mortgage banks have stated an increase of late mortgage payments, the online magazine is citing that this housing trend is nowhere near an end.

The impact this trend has had nationwide has reflected in a depressed economy as well as large corporate businesses such as Countrywide Home Loans to reduce the number of employees creating a depressed job market as well.

According to Lisa Page of US Loss Mitigation and Stop Forclosure Assistance, this does not have to be the case. “Sometimes it means just having someone help you get current again without having to acquire huge late fees and interest to get back on track”, says Page. “Often a homeowner can bring their payments current with the equivalent of one payment versus what’s now due, past due with late fees and interest”.

“There are ways we can help a homeowner get their mortgage problem solved often in as little as 30 days”, she says. Page’s company allows a homeowner to work within their current mortgage bank and prevents a homeowner from being faced with some unpleasant alternatives such as having to sell, rent or lease the property or having to borrow money. “Often that places a homeowner in a difficult financial situation when they may already be struggling”.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, US Loss Mitigation and Stop Forclosure Assistance offers free consultation and no application fees. “We also have a 98% success rate”, adds Page. “We are designed to assist you in getting current with your payment, retain your home and see what we can do to save your credit standing.”

Page is afraid that people don’t know that this type of assistance is out there. “I met a lady the other day who said she could have kept her home had she known this was an options”, says Page. Page also emphasizes that the time to contact her is before a home goes into foreclosure. “If you start to get behind 30-60 days, that’s when you need to call me”, she says. Waiting longer may not provide Page’s company the time it needs to reverse the situation.

For more information on Lisa Page and how she can be of assistance to you, please visit www.USLossMitigation.com/lpage, www.StopForclosureAssistance.com/LisaMariePage or call 541.962.0997.

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