Monday, September 3, 2007

I Hate This Time of Year...

...I really do. I'm one of those sicko mom's who really likes having my kids home with me. I like waking up when my body wakes up. I like a relaxed schedule. It's a transition time. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons but I am never ready to see them end and I am never ready to see them begin. I know it sounds like a total contradiction. I work hard year round but there seems to be an urgency to the work routine come fall. Summer is done, time to buckle down and accomplish something. Anyone else resisting this? I think school should begin when we have the first frost. It just seems cruel to have to be so serious when everything is still so beautiful and summery. The first hints of cool are in the air. The horses are starting to fuzz up oh so slightly but no one (except my daughter, maybe) is ready to be this serious. I'll be alright. I'll adjust. I have to admit, the Halloween decorations in the basement ARE starting to call to me. I'll try to hold off until the end of the month. I hate it when the neighbors point when the decorations come out at the first of September.

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