Friday, August 31, 2007

Looking for Folks Who Want to Make $100 a Week

I'm looking for a group of folks who are interested in working towards an extra $100 per week. Does that sound like you? Oh yeah and you get to improve your health while you are at it. Straight from national convention, the number one vitamin supplement, USANA, is again seeking a few motivated folks who want to improve their health and in turn earn a little money (or a lot) along the way. By joining the USANA team, you can improve your personal health and have a way to pay for the benefits. Are you that person? Email me and lets get you going!

If you are that person that says, "yeah...sounds good but I just cant' remember to take my vitamins", then we have a solution for you. It's called My Health Pak. I will work with you to identify your nutritional needs. USANA will put your supplements in a handy day and evening pack. No bottles. No sorting. You just open your AM packs and your PM packs and enjoy better health at once. I think you are out of excuses! Give me a call!

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