Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Key Is Continuing Education

Sound like a contradiction? Possibly. As much as I hate not having my kids at home when they go to school, I value the importance of continuing my education as a professional. As you have read in my profile, I was a hair stylist and a National Trainer for a hair product company prior to my career change. Can you imagine if a stylist did not continue to learn new techniques...ever? We'd all still be walking around in beehives and ratted bubbles. It is important of every aspect of our adult lives and professional careers to continue to grow and know what is new in our field ... or be left behind. True story! If Mitzi's Marketing up the street or around the web has training in dynamic marketing areas that I have chose not to learn or ignore, how many people will leave me for Mitzi's Marvelous Marketing? If we do not value learning and if we do not chose to continue to grow in our fields, we will be left behind. Continue to grow and give your clients (and yourself) the advantage of knowledge. In today's competitive and ever changing market for technoligical and business savvy professionals, she/he who has the most knowledge ...WINS!

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