Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oprah! Answer Your Fax!'s been that day. The one where you chase your tail ... the one where you just can't get Oprah to pick up her fax. But in my attempts to reach Oprah today, I got to thinking about how many people want her to run for office. And then I got to thinking about the candidates debate. Who is your favorite? Are we ready for Hillary? I don't dislike Hillary. She is third on my list right now. Edwards is #1 (how can you not love him?) and Barack is my #2. I want him to be president in the worst way but not just yet. I like what Hillary has to say and I will definatley vote for her if she is The One. But what about Oprah and celebrities running for office? Are you for it or against it? Are they really ready to take the office or do they run on a popularity ticket? And do we really know what candidates stand for or do just know what their supports pay for them to endorse. Back to chasing my tail.


Snave said...

Gingersnap, you look like the "donut hole lady" of days gone by. Is that you? Even if not, I enjoy seeing who else is blogging here in LG besides me, and found your site.

I also like to blog, but I tend to waste my time blogging about leftist politics, scatological humor and other such things. Your site is very nice!

Polo sounds great, though I've never been around horses very much. They do have to be about the smartest animals in the world, and some of the prettiest. Congrats on having a horse!

Gingersnap13 said...

It is the "donut lady"! How are you? If you are who I think you are the girls? You'll have to bring the fam out to the polo field next summer to watch those smart beautiful animals. Good to see you here. I'll have to check out the blog! Thanks for commenting.