Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It Was A Good Day

Not to temp fate or anything but it was a good day. A really good day. Two more people are entrusting me to do their business justice and build their website. Driving out to approve a rear window design done for me by Taylinn Signs, by the road was a set of dishes with a sign that said "FREE". My college daughter is in need of dishes for her apartment. My mare seems better today after a rainy two days and nursing an injured pelvis and I have a winter home arranged for her. I am grateful. I am grateful for a job I love, kids that are home and healthy and friends who care about my life. Today I am chosing to blog about the gratitude I feel for my life when things go well. I used to consider myself and unlucky person. Things just didn't seem to work out for me. And then one day I decided that I am lucky. I have all I need. You always want more but there are plenty of people out there who do not have the basic things in life that they need for survival. I have that and so much more. I made some scary changes and I waited a long time for some of the good things in my life to materialize. But I can honestly say that many of them have arrived. I changed to course of the river and I am such a lucky person. So if you consider yourself unlucky, start saying to yourself that you are lucky and watch what happens. Be receptive to the good the Universe wants to bring to you and see what materializes. Good luck to you. Let me know what happens!

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