Sunday, August 19, 2007

Get Your Websites Here!

In this day and age, it is a true statement to say that without a website, you business does not exist. Think about it. A lot of people, most of you, like me, work from your desk with an internet connection. If I need to find something, I will hit that address bar and see where I can find what I need. If I don't see the company I need, I'll move on. Or, if it's a new service I need, I will tend to go with the one that I can learn more about from their website. So having that been said, what does your internet pressence look like? Do you have a viable way for people to find you business and learn more about your products or services you have to offer? Do you have a method of cross referencing your marketing? A most importantly, has cost stopped you from having the website your business needs? It's time for you to no longer worry about that. How does $150 a page sound to you? How does a website done in a timely manner sound to you? How does someone else taking on the headache of domains and hosting sound to you? If this sounds like the answers to your website needs, don't wait. Call me today and let's get your website off the ground. I'd be happy to show you websites that I have designed and work with you to design the site that beautifully reflects your business. If you need assistance beyond websites, I'd be happy to design a website/marketing package that is right for your business and your budget. Let's get started. I'll look forward to your call! 541.786.1613.

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