Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Moved...I'm In....Life Is GOOD!!

I am happy to announce the move is over! Yes...for all intensive purposes (nothing on walls..the stray box here and there...)I am moved in. I love my new house. But I definately hit that place we all hit when moving when after the 40th trip up and down the basement stairs that announcement we all make...say it with me...."I'm NEVER moving again!" But the truth is, we do. And I'm not so sure it is bad for us. You learn a lot when you move. You cleanse your belongings along with your soul. And you have the opportunity for change and a new beginning. None of us like it. Most of us try not to seek it out. But like any new beginning, it offeres us the opportunity for change and betterment. It inspires us to keep the momentum going. I plan to update my website with more than just a new address. I know I have at least one more move in my future. I want land. I want sheep. Sounds silly to some I am sure but I want Shetland Sheep (just a few) and try my hand at spinning my own yarn. I want a place where my wonderful mare can be close by me. And maybe get her a friend or take her wonderful bloodlines and create a new thoroughbred. Or both! I want a place for a big horse trailer with a living space tack room and ....I digress. The point is, moving is opportunity. Now that the last batch of my belongings is finally her, I can say that i'm glad I did it. Thank you for bearing with me and BACK TO BUSINESS!!!

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