Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Never Underestimate a Great Testimonial

I recently had a mentor who I respect pass along to me a print out regarding how testimonials can benefit your business. Yeah, yeah...I know. I'll get to adding those to my printed promotional materials soon...when I get a second. Right? Those of you in the business understand. We are busy recruiting new accounts, following up on clips and promoting each of our current clients like our lives depend on it (because it does). But today I really learned the value of that testimonial. Not just for promoting myself...but for the personal lift it gave me and a pay off that to me, is just as valuable as money. I am lucky. I really like the people I work for. It gets personal to me because I do learn about their livlihood and their passion. I want these businesses to succeed. So when I get that placement for them or increase their's a big cha ching. Hopefully for their pocket books as well. So today, at the end of a long and productive day, I played a phone message from one of my clients that was so excited about an article I got placed for her and the feedback she was getting from it. She was so happy and so complimentary that it made my whole day. She repeated some of those sentiments in an email again later. With her permission, I will be posting it on my website. Testimonials give others insight and credibility about who you are and what you can do for a business. Without them, clients need to trust your website (flyer, ad, pick your favorite...). A testimonial says that someone else trusted you and it payed off. There is little better vote of confidence in you and your business than that! Thank you, Denise!

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