Sunday, April 22, 2007

Home Based Business IS Work But So Worth It

You all have heard me talk often about USANA, my home based business along with About Time Internet Marketing. I am LOVING every minute that I am able to inpire someone to take an interest in their health. And...this business is going very well for me. I think the past days of network marketing have given the name itself a form of stigmatism that makes it seem undesirable for those who have participated in the past to want to do it again. I was one of those people. I did a network markting program years ago and when that ended I vowed to never do it again. How many of you have said the same? In fact, I used USANA and resisted when people tried to tell me what a great business it was. Its not for me, I'd say. Then when I found out they had been the #1 supplement for 3 years in a row, I decided to give it a look. I have not been sorry. But make no mistake, the stories of my success and that of my predecessors does not mean that network marketing is not work. It is work. But it's work that you can set the hours. I work my USANA business as much as two hours a day. But I think it about it far more. Even in that small amount of time that I am able to give to this business, I have gained a new customer everyday for the past four days and have two appointments this next week of people who are interested in seeing the business. I don't put a lot of hours into it but the hours I do put in I make the most of. And that is what it takes to be successful in network marketing. I make one appointment a day for someone who wants to make a choice for a healthier life. I will help you do the same. That is my committment to you. To help you make the work you do enjoyable and to do all I can to ensure your success with this company. Here's to your health and your wealth. Lets talk about it.

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