Friday, April 13, 2007

Never Eat Alone

I belong this fantastic group of women known as The Masterminds. We meet once a week to discuss our goals and what we accomplished in our career and lives in the past week and set our goals for the following we and what we need from our teammates to achieve those goals. I would falter far more than I currently do without this group. One of our members brought to the group 'Never Eat Alone'. From this book, we have now formed the Interesting Womens Dinner. Once a month we invite 7 women to one of our homes for a simple, casual meal of soup and bread and wine. There, of course is brownies for dessert. Each month, we invite a new group of women and we don't always know each other. The evening has yet to disappoint. We have had the variety of waitresses, sheep farmers, home business owners, storefront business owners to a lovely woman I met last night that served food after 911 and started a soup kitchen in the 9th ward of New Orleans after Katrina. The stories she told made so grateful for my life and my home. We all share great stories, great food, networking ideas and so much more. Hopefully we make connections that will last long beyond the night and the meal. I encourage you all to get the book and see where it can take you. Good luck and I'd love for you to send me your stories and I'll be glad to post them here. Have a wonderful Friday 13th!

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