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*BLOGGERS NOTE: This website is now accepting members though the credit card capabilities will not be operational on the site until the end of this week. If you would like to join and begin the benefits of a NHEA member, please email the address below or call the number on the site. Thank you.

Dr. Douglas C. Winkelman, nationally known expert in the field of learning, has found a new avenue in which to help children and families throughout the United States. After four years of research and developing the program, Dr. Winkelman has founded the National Hispanic Education Association, (NHEA).

The NHEA provides members of Hispanic decent that live legally inside the United States information through the association’s web site. The information consists of links to free internet sites where members can learn English as a second language. Also included are sites where teachers can download information for their Hispanic speaking students. There are employment links to state agencies throughout the US, information on immigration, health needs and more. Dr. Winkelman looks to constantly keep the information offered on the site updated and expanded as needs arise and as information becomes available.

Benefits to members who join the NHEA will include referral fees for people who join the association. Cost per family membership is $19.99 per week. Members referring new families will receive $5 per week per families they refer as long as they remain in good standing. There are also levels of awards per the number of referrals a member makes such as gift cards to various retailers and even trips to spas and family vacations.

Dr. Winkelman has collaborated with dealerships in northeast Oregon so that members may purchase custom ordered vehicles at $100 over invoice. Other benefits include a lucky number day and an online forum for members to discuss business and share information and ideas pertinent to the Hispanic community. Members who own their own business will also have a single web page to promote their business. Families may use the web page for personal news or information.

Through Excel Learning Centers of America, Dr. Winkelman will also offer his AWESOME learning program to members at 20% of the cost of regular Excel Learning Center fees. AWESOME, an acronym for Awesome Winkelman’s Educational System of Mental Exercises, use all senses to teach students to use letters, words, spelling, phonetics, reading, writing and thinking skills. Dr. Winkelman perfected this training method when his own son had learning challenges. Included free of charge for members is Dr. Winkelman’s Free Preschool Program.

Dr. Winkelman became passionate about the Hispanic culture through his travels with Excel Learning Centers of America. “These are intelligent people”, says Winkelman of the Hispanic Community. “They are family oriented, hard working and very spiritual”. Winkelman says the NHEA will also give the Hispanic community a voice in legislation as it grows. “We have something here that provides these great people with academic and cultural education but can also influence congress and the White House”, he says.

Dr. Winkelman’s life long goal has been to one day start a new college in the Northwest where qualified students can attend without having to pay tuition. “I work toward that goal every day”, says Winkelman.

For more information on the NHEA and how you can become a member, visit or for email,

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