Friday, April 20, 2007

Comparative Guide Ranks Us #1 AGAIN!

In the new 2007 Comparative Guide of Nutritional Supplements done by and independant third party study, USANA Nutritional Supplements is again #1 for the 3rd Year in a row! You can't argue with facts like that, folks. And if you have visited my USANA website, you will know that is what was the deciding factor in my becoming a sharer of information for this wonderful company. Out of the top 500 supplements on the market today...that means Centrum, One a Day and (giggle) Flintstones...USANA has again knocked them out of the water! If you aren't on the Essentials at this time, now is that time. Affordable, easy to take, your health cannot afford for you not to be taking them. Degenerative diseases that we see in our parents and grandparents are preventable. Are you doing everything you can to stop it? You can start TODAY! Call me! And, note, are you making all the money you want to make? USANA has also been the #1 Network Home Based Business for the past 8 years in a row. Start with your health. Then we'll work on your wealth. Um....I'm sitting right here....what are you waiting for....CALL ME!

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