Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poll Results

Thank all of you who took the time to vote on my poll. Very interesting I thought. It seesm that out of the 5 who voted, the majority landed in the middle. Only one was getting all he wanted out of the experience, four seemed to fall in the lack luster section. The great part is that no one was ready to throw in the towel.

So what does this mean for entrepreneurship? I think it means that its alive and kicking. When you start a new business it takes 3-5 years AT LEAST for it to take off. I think the fact that young businesses are seeing some form of success and are willing to keep up the good fight says a lot about our tenaciousness and the willingness to persue the American dream. The reason we got into our own practices is to have the personal and financial freedom to call our own shots and succeed at our own goals. Whatever those may be.

If you are an entrepreneur, congratulations! I am proud to be among you. If you are not, do all you can to employ and use the products and services of your local (and not so local) entrepreneurs. We are ambitious and hungry bunch who will do all we can to keep your business and inspire your referrals. Give us a try!

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