Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a Mystery to Me

I was raised as an only child and due to this, I didn't grow up having to share points of view with siblings, though I was raised by parents who could not have been more of the polar opposite of myself. Because of this, I tend to think that the way I think should be the way other people think too. Are you with me? Anyone else feel this way? That if the world saw things as I/you do, that their would not be the problems there are today? Well, obviously, that is not the case.

I look at the past 20 years of the White House and I can't say I'm happy with how it has gone. We've done the Bush/Clinton/Bush and possibly the Clinton thing again and all I can ask of you is, "how's that working out for ya?" Are you making all the money you want to be making? How are your taxes looking for you this year? Are you able to put your kids through college? Do you have a son or daughter that could be looking at a draft if a certain someone who supports this war and doesn't mind seeing it go on indefinately? Are you making your house payments comfortably? If you are like me, the above mentioned are areas of concern for many of us. And yet, I see a nation that is so reluctant to change. I see that the majority of Republicans are in favor of this war. I see the middle and lower middle class continue to take it in the shorts as the rest of us struggle to keep our heads above water. And more disconcerting yet, I see people who don't even know who is running and who they stand for. I saw on a bumper sticker the other day. It said, "if you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention". I, for one, am outraged. I hear people talk of change and yet when it's time for the polls, I see people time and time again make the same decision over and over again. They vote for a repeat of the continued disasters that are currently plaguing this country. So why not take that leap? Why not make a vote for change? Are people afraid that things will actually get worse? Or maybe they will get better and then no one will have excuses for their continued failure to thrive. I for one am in favor of positive change and a better life for me and my kids. Come on, won't you join me in Christyland and make a better world for all of us? At least think about it.

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