Sunday, February 3, 2008


Wow! Aside from my Steelers, this is one of the best Super Bowl's ever. I am sorry for the loss of the perfect season for the Patriots. Well, not really. Being the football puritan that I am, I think the 72 Dolphins should keep that record forever. That's when you spent your career with the same team. That's when loyalty and shear grit took precidence over money and fame. Fame came because you earned it. Not because of how much money you make or what deal was made, why you were arrested or what inappropriate thing you did.

The NY Giants showed guts and determination that is often lost in today's NFL and my hat is off to them. What a fun game!

So what was up with the pregame show? Since when is a "red carpet" part of the Super Bowl? Frankly? I don't care what celebrities think. I don't care that they are there. I certainly don't want to see a red carpet. I want to see tail gaters. I wanted to see painted faces and what ever version of cheeseheads are attending the game. I wanted to know more about what Jason Taylor did for his community that won him the Walter Peyton award for community involvement. Dammit I want to know what little kid was totally influenced by something nice some humanitarian football player did for them. I certainly don't care who Nick Lachey thinks will win. I finally went to take a nap before the game started.

But kudos the the Giants! This one was really SUPER!!! When does Leatherheads come out?

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