Saturday, March 1, 2008

Love Your Pet but Hate the Hair?

There is hope. Keep the pet, lose the hair. If you haven't heard of it already, I'm here to tell you about the best product I have found for removing all types of hair and lint. It will safely remove unwanted dog, cat, horse, red head, brunette and blond hair. It's the Pet Hair Picker Upper. For the same amount of money that you will put into several tape roller brushes, you will still be enjoying the benefits of your Pet Hair Picker Upper. Another benefit? You will be reducing the carbon footprint by not filling up landfills with your cast off roller brushes.

If you have read my profile, you will know that I have two cats, a dog and a horse. All but the horse have been known to sleep on my bed. Okay, I've been known to battle them for space. So when I sold my home, rather than break out the big vacuum cleaner and attachments each time I showed the property, a quick brush over my couch and bed comforter gave everything a hair free face to show.

All materials are made here in the US. You've tried other things, now try this. To order, visit the website. Secure ordering on all orders. Seven day money back guarentee of you aren't satisfied. Next day USPS Priority shipping. Griz is never wrong!

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