Monday, February 11, 2008

Now Why Would He Say That?

As an avid watcher of the Today Show, I saw where President Bush defended Bill Clinton. He said that he understood President Clinton defending his wife and campaigning for her. He went on to say that he didn't believe what some media was saying regarding the former President as a racist. He said he just didn't see where that had any truth to it. its long been known that there is no love loss between the Clinton's and the Bush's through the years. So why would W come out now in defense of his father's former rival? I pondered that myself until I came up with this.

Bush (obviously) supports the war. McCain is a huge supporter of the war. In fact, he believes the more troops the better. The longer we are there, the better. Wouldn't he be perfect to continue Bush politics? YES! Then by supporting Hillary, what does that say? It says in the world according to Bush, the Republican party has a better chance staying in power if Clinton gets the Democratic nod over Obama. He thinks Clinton will be easier to beat in November than Obama. That is the ONLY reason this presidency would advocate a Clinton on any grounds.

The best part about this? That Bush mentions it at all. Oh yes. It appears that the Republican party is looking at the Democrats with a new set of eyes. Eyes that see a possibility of reclaiming the White House since the Clinton's owned it between Bush's. Could there be any other reason for this mention? You tell me.

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