Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kerry Endorses Obama?????

Wow...I was shocked to hear that one. Before I go on, I have to tell you that I am having a BLAST with this years political season. It is fair that you should know that I am liberal. But I am a different liberal. Well...not necassarily. You see, I feel that in the election past that a hard line got drawn between "christian conservatives" and "Godless liberals". I think that line is so wrong on so many levels. I believe in a woman's right to chose, gay rights and many other issues that put me in the liberal half. On the other hand. I support my troops even though I do not support the war. I am patriotic and I salute my flag and all the values it stands for. And I whole heartedly love my Lord and Savior. In conversations I have had with other liberals, I don't think I stand alone. I am in favor of getting rid of that line. In this election, I favor John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary. In that order. I love Barack's stance on unity and I think it would do this country a world of good. But I digress. Okay...enough about my political background. Let's just through and through.

But what a slap in the face for John Edwards. I understand that John has been fairly vocal (with Jay Leno) that running for second chair in 2004 was no picnic but for Kerry to openly endorse Obama has to be somewhat of an injury for Edwards. Regardless of what this does for Obama, it does not bode well for the character of Kerry. Why? What would motivate him to endorse someone other than his former running mate? Would Kerry ever run again? Does he feel that if he chose to do so that Obama would be easier to take the nomination from? I just feel that this is a blatant nose thumbing at his former running mate and I'm having a hard time understanding why. If class were to play into this election which it almost never does, I would think that not endorsing anyone would be far more favorable than endorsing someone other than the one you have had past ties with. Thoughts? Please share.

On another note. If John Edward had the press coverage that Obama and Clinton have had, I think he would have faired far better than he did in New Hampshire. As my 15 year old son said, Edwards just doesn't have the contraversy that Obama and Clinton have. He's your average white guy that worked hard to get to where he is in life. He refuses big business money so that he does not "owe" them if elected. Kinda boring. And yet, so in touch with what this country needs.

I adore Barack Obama. And I will support him if he is our candidate. I just think it might (might) be a little too soon for him. John brings humanity, honesty and integrity to this election. If you haven't looked at him before, please look at him now.

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