Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Also Have a Dream

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr and the dreams he has passed along to so many, I too wanted to share my dreams. Though some of the dreams of Dr. King have come to pass, many of them still struggle along as human will stands in the way of many of them. I don't understand. Like Dr. King's, my dreams are of the humanitarian state for all walks of life with a bit of a modern twist.

My dream is for those who can to give. I don't mean once a year and I don't mean just at church but when you see someone in need that you do what you can to make their lives just a little better. When you see the woman walking on the ice, offer to assist with a ride or walk with her. If you see someone drop something, help them pick it up. If you're able, if you know someone who can't pay their heat or power, anonymously pay it for them. Just one month. What a diffence it will make.

I have a dream that the tax base in this world will become more equal so those who struggle to make less will be able to keep more.

My dream is that those in a position of power or wealth to display kindness and empathy to those who are struggling. Their lives might not always be where they are now and your kindness will be remembered and they'll look to you to do business again. My dream is that more seek to do good will and charitable acts rather than turn our heads and pretend we didn't see the need.

My dream is that your ability to do a job be judged on a proven work ethic and not what your credit score says. For it can be that the score is low due to a change in life, the need for heat rather than a car or another temporary situation. Most, especially single mothers, will not have the opportunity for a job they are capable of doing to improve their lives and the lives of their families until this method of qualification is done away with and their situations will not improve and they will not become contributing members of their communities.

I have a dream that each one of us will look at the other with a live and let live philosophy. If the lifestyle, gender, color or religion of my neighbor next to me does not effect me or harm me in any way, than I should accept and never judge.

And most importantly, my dream is that all people will work towards understanding and education rather than fear. For what one does not understand, one fears. What one fears, one destroys.

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