Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back Off of Idol Kids

I know! Two posts in a day! Whoa DREAM BIG! But I have something to say. Or admit. However you want to look at it.

I am an American Idol fan. Not when they rip apart the challenged...but when it really starts. I watch and I vote. Even more disturbing, I happen to pass by but rarely seriously watch Hollywood gossip shows. And I even sometimes drop by TMZ just to see what they know. And here's what I have to say.

Leave the Idol kids alone! I don't care who stripped, strips or french kisses who. I don't care who went to school for troubled kids. I don't care who made a video of unpublishable explanitives. I don't care who is a single mom ( I do but not for judgement reasons) and I don't care who is sleeping with who or posing for what.

The reason? They are entertainment. The end. I'm not looking to adopt them. They aren't running for Congress. The don't even babysit for me or anyone I love. I watch them to entertain me. And they do that in fine form. I enjoy their talents and I love playing suedo judge and I enjoy voting for my favorite. I like talking about the competition at work the next day, who we like and who needs to go.

Bottom line. If you or I were in the media, I'm sure there could be something (or many somethings) dredged up about our pasts that we would like to have stay in our pasts. That old glass house theory. This is to decide who will the next American Idol. The end. Let's applaude the talent these kids bring into our homes each week and enjoy the moment. If they didn't do anyting in the past that directly effects my life then I say let be.

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