Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Third Down and Long

On this eve of what could be the most pivotal part of the Democratic election primaries, Hillary Clinton faces a third down and long. She's in the pocket and the defense is blitzing. She needs to strike it big with her receivers or she is most likely in a punt situation. This is the moment of the game that all the fans on both sides of the playing field are huddled together asking their Higher Power "pleeeeeeeeezzzzz". Both sides holding their breath. If she hits a strike with her receivers, then its' a first down and goal to go. If she misses, then she is in a punt situation or risk another miss on a fourth down and the game is over. The fans of Barack are anticipating the Hail Mary or (if you're a Raider fan) the Ghost to the Post. Am I REALLY that old???? They hope for an incomplete pass or better yet, an interception and hopefully the run back for the touchdown. If that's the case, you know who will be the last one in the foot race to throw that final shoe string tackle attempt.

So what will it be? Which side will finish the conference championships tomorrow victorious? And who will be sent home to watch the Big Show from the couch?

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