Thursday, March 13, 2008


My life is consuming. For good reasons and less pleasant one's from time to time. But recently, I have had good friends go through serious life changing events that leaves me to be so grateful for my little corner of the world.

One friend lost her daughter two days ago. Her daughter was in her early 30's and her crossing was completely unexpected. Needless to say my friend is inconsolable as any mother would be. I can't do a single thing for her that will make a difference.

I have a close friend that has been a constant victim of harrassment, lies and deceit that has finally had enough and is planning to leave the area. Again, nothing I can do to make a difference or help her with her losses.

Both of these events have had a profound effect on my emotions as I struggle to make sense of it all. I can't. All I can do is call my daughter, give my son an extra hug each day and do the best that I can do and help someone else every chance I get.

It makes me more grateful for the roof over my head. The few and far between moments that I am bored. For that means there is nothing immediately wrong in my life. I'm grateful for the lights that still come on. I am more aware to say "I love you" to those I leave because there are no guarentees for another meeting. And I am more aware of the efforts I make towards strangers as well as friends for that is how I will be remembered.

I want to give to those that have less than I do. And no matter your walk in life, there is always someone with less. I am happy to watch my stubborn mare buck and kick her way across the pasture because there is nothing more beautiful. And, as crazy as it sounds, I am grateful for all my cyber friends who have barn cameras so I can share in their delight over new foals born every day.

As sad as life is at times, and I don't wish sadness on anyone, it makes us take pause and look at what is so good in our own lives. It also makes us see what we can do to make a difference in others lives. I read a comic the other day that says...."You woke up today. Congratulations. You have another chance".

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